Georg af Klercker 1877 - 1951

Military, silent-film director, actor, scriptwriter and set designer.

One af Klercker would be military, so it was only! At Svea Life Guards, he was then first lieutenant, but then it was enough of that.

Because his father Fredrik af Klercker 1842-1896 was a Major and two of his brothers eventually became generals and two became Commanders, it was not entirely popular in the family when George jumped out of a military career to learn the actor in Copenhagen. Scandal was probably rather the word.

Having toured Scandinavia with various theater companies, he ended up at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. From here he was taken to the film by Charles Magnusson, who made ​​him head of their studios in Lidingö.

Here came Georg af Klercker to make several silent films. He both directed and sometimes played several roles in each film. The most famous of these films was "Death Ride the circus dome" which is considered to be something beyond the ordinary.

When World War I broke out, he worked in Paris with the film company Pathé.

Back in Sweden in 1915, he was hired as director of Hasselblad Film in Gothenburg. Here he came over three years to make 28 silent films! Several of these are considered to have very high quality and was well ahead of its time in terms of photo and dramaturgy.

However, everything was not gold: At Hasselblad film he starred in 1917 in "The Mystery of the night to the 25", which was a sensation movie in Nick Carter's style. It was totally banned by the Swedish film censorship!

After working in theater in Gothenburg some time, moved af Klercker home to "Skåne". Among the old residents of Malmö, he is best known as an actor on "Hippodrom" theater during its heyday with Oscar Winge as theater manager.

Georg af Klercker was not just on stage in comedies and occasional dramas but was additionally inventive stage design. In addition to the theater, he was also a businessman.

The actors' association "TSO", he was a founding member and where he was also busy working until his death.

Georg af Klercker got Ingmar Bergman Prize posthumously in 1991. Ingmar Bergman has written a play about a meeting between George af Klercker and Charles Magnusson: "Last Gasp" - an easy tintad morality, which became television theater 1995.

He was married 1) with Thyra Zelina Sundqvist. 2) with the actress Selma Wiklund. 3) with Vera Boman. In his first marriage he had a son Eric Henry George.

Goerg movie

From: Death Ride under the circus dome from 1912 Carlbark Lind, Selma Wiklund af Klercker and Georg af Klercker.

Charles Magnusson's Lidingö studio where Georg af Klercker became studio director and directed his first films.

Burial place Malmo